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blog changing?


first off i must say i hate that word... blog. blech

anyway, i don't ever write anything in this lj anymore. and no i don't have another. the "blog changing" thing doesn't mean i'm changing the name or anything... just changing the content. few changes i have in mind:

1. i just today started on the quit-smoking medication "zyban", aka wellbutrin for those suffering from depression. my first change in this LJ will be a daily log of how my quitting is going. i'll try not to bore people who read this with too many details, but i planning on putting this blog out there for people who are also considering zyban to read. if they can understand anything i say.. oi.

2. i'm pushing my sister, sarah, to draw more and start up a comic / business of sorts. i'll document this progress, if there is any. she's very stubborn so getting her to draw humans instead of irkens may prove difficult

3. a section for my own projects. i always sit around and daydream about ideas for short films, web videos, and the like, and i think it's high time i actually start DOING something with the ideas rather than just thinking about them.

that's all i can think of right now. expect any LJ entries about the above subjects to have something relating to that particular subject in the subject line. ah-dur. what i mean is, writing about the quitting smoking will be something like "quitting with zyban - day 1".

mmmmmmk thats all good bye
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