James (witheringsanity) wrote,

Zyban - Day 1

hello and welcome to my LJ. this section is dedicated to following the progress of my attempt to quit smoking using the drug zyban. feel free to either read or ignore the rest of my journal, which may be littered with strange posts and foul language i plan on putting this LJ address out in various places for other possible zyban users to see how i've faired on the drug and how things are going. if you are reading this i'm sure you're either a smoker looking to quit, or bored out of your freakin mind. if you are the latter, get up from the computer and go watch mythbusters or something. seriously, that show rules. mmk here we go

first a little personal history

my name is james

i'm 25

i'm white

i weigh around 230 - 240 and am 6' tall

i don't do any illegal or legal drugs

i don't have a history of depression, though i am self-diagnosed with social anxiety disorder.

i currently smoke camel no. 9 100's - non-menthol

i've smoked for at least the last 3 years

i've tried to quit many times on many occasions and in many ways. i've used the patch more than 4 times, the gum, the lozenge, cold turkey like a zillion times, nicotine free cigs, pulling out, the rythem method, etc etc

i've had the most success with using the patch and severely cutting down on how many cigs i smoke. i started out by using the very small patch and only having a maximum of ten cigs per day (i usually smoke a little more than a pack a day). every day following i would smoke roughly two less cigs, until the day i had my last. from then i was good for maybe two weeks without cigs. even with the patch i wanted a cig all day every day, and eventually caved.

so i'm giving drugs a try


picked up my meds, which by the way my insurence does not cover and i had to pay $90 for a months supply. blech

drove to work

went over all the packaging and warnings, then took my first pill at around 10:30 AM.

day went by with pretty much no effects, besides some dry mouth or possibly dehydration, a slight headache that lasted maybe an hour, and some groggy-ish feelings that came and went. none of these were any more than slightly distracting, and didn't keep me from doing my work. they also were not strong enough to nessisarily have been caused by the zyban. feeling thirsty and having a headache are perfectly common stuff to happen. smoked probably 10-15 cigs

drove home

spent a good part of the night looking at my sisters drawings and trying to convince her to draw humans, watched mythbusters. nothing new to report so far. i hear i may have trouble sleeping or vivid dreams. if this is the case i will write about them tomorrow. smoked (so far) around 5 cigs, will probably have another 5 as usual. thats all for now
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