Withering Sanity

24 April 1983
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As the user name and e-mail would imply... i'm a bit on the crazy side.

this dosen't mean i do things to harm myself or anyone else, or that i have spastic fits or anything... i simply don't always feel the need to restrain myself, and my mind thinks up some pretty strange things.

it is never my intention to scare anyone, though i do find it greatly amusing.

i have alot of energy (usually) and love skateboarding, jumping over random objects, and acting like an idiot.

i love my girlfriend beca with all my heart and intend of spending the rest of my life with her.

there is very little else that can be said to describe me. some of my interests should be listed below, and what i look like should can be seen on my photobucket: http://photobucket.com/albums/v35/thejimman/. you can also visit my myspace at the address above.

whether you may be an old friend or a new aquaintence, a co-worker or member of my family, or even a insane stalker (or an insane stalking family member), i bid you welcome to my livejournal. stay as long as you'd like.